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Welcome to PrinTrix
PrinTrix is a commercial printing company. We produce top quality printed material i.e. magazines, company promotional material, business cards and brochures to name a few.

Majority of the time we deal directly with small & medium business owners, cutting out the middle man and saving costs. Yet our larger customers, orgnisations and government departments, are continuously developing partnerships between PrinTrix and their marketing departments or purchasing officers.

We are located in Ipswich Queensland as a central point for the South-East Queensland region - including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and all surrounding areas and suburbs. Our market really has no geographical limits, we print for all sorts of organisations located all over Australia. The PrinTrix developments in online proofing and file uploading has allowed us to offer the same service to customres regardless of their location.

Our business vision is to provide quality printed material to all our customers, whereever they maybe. We want our customers to be able to rely on our products, knowledge and of course our printing services. We want to be the printing company that customers turn to first for their printing requirements.

Meet Part of Our Team
Paul Rix with his great mate Billy

Tradesman Pre-Press Compositor
(Graphic Design, Advertising, & Marketing)
Diploma of Graphic Design
(Graphic Design & Multimedia)
Diploma in Network Engineering
(Internet & Hosting Services)
Certificate IV Visual Arts
(Contemporary Design)

Paul has worked in the print & design industry for over 25 years and has developed a keen interest in communicating through advertising, printed products and printing techniques.

Loves to spend time with his family, surfing the Internet and occassionally going to gym. This year he will be running in a couple of charity events - the park to park fun run and the bridge to city fun runs.

Paul approaches things a little different to most people, he completely lost his memory due to car accident at the age of 12 and forced to go back to the basics. Fortunately for him, his gaze was on computers - following instructions and programming games at the age of 13 bought an interest in graphic design. Where in 1987 Paul started his career at the Gold Coast Bulletin, continued his studies and in 1989 he was selected to be the final pre-press apprentice to be signed up by The Courier-Mail.

In 1992 Paul finished his trade in pre-press and continued as a graphic designer for The Courier-Mail & Sunday-Mail. In 1996 Paul was promoted to be a pre-press trainer/supervisor and put in charge of the latest pagination software, page layouts and to give guidance to graphic designers at all levels.

Late 1997 Paul pursued a family life, moved to acreage and combined his graphic design along with his programming skills to create websites, advertising material for agencies, magazines and general customers for printed products.

Moving back to Ipswich in 2002, he and Tiffany purchased a long established printing business that was run by a good friend of the family - Mr Gordan Duncan, who died in the early 90's. Paul as a teenager would often watch the printing machines and trades people in action and Mr Duncan would sometimes explain techniques and give guidance. His printing business was bought out by another long established printing business in the area and we managed to purchase both businesses with all machinery to form our printing company.
Tiffany Rix with her master Hank

Diploma of Graphic Design
(Graphic Design & Multimedia)
Certificate IV Visual Arts
(Contemporary Design)

With an interest in graphic design, illustration and the printed product. Tiffany earnt her skills through persaverance, late nights and dedication. With over 18 years of experience she has experienced many different types of graphic design.

In the early days she was very focused on the digital arts, winning many awards and enjoying the recognition that she received from fellow artists, listening and getting feedback and growing her skillset in the direction she wanted to go.

During all this time Tiffany studied in graphic design while working in the industry. While completing her studies she worked full-time producing creative and functional designs for the small, medium, and larger sized business sectors.

Having a passion towards creative mindscaping she was contracted by national magazines, website and printing agencies. Tiffanys won many industry awards for her creativity which lead her to illustrate 2 childrens books that were distributed through the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

In amongst doing what she loves the most ,Tiffany developed a diverse style while creating artwork for websites which was sourced by industry and drove her to dabble in other fields where she found her comfort zone in print design.

After overcoming a serious health scare in 2009 / 2010, Tiffany has rediscovered the important things in life and strives every day to make the most out of her private and professional life.

These days Tiffany takes on a senior designer role and interacts on a professional level with just about every customer. She is able to take your written brief and turn it into reality.

She is often saddened by the way many in the industry try to exploit our customers with all sorts of hidden fee's and bloated prices which include all sorts of rubbish from hot heads who thinks their pattootie don't stink.

This is why everything on our website has the final costings, so you - our valued customer - have the piece of mind that you won't be slugged with hefty hidden costs. Tiffany is one elite graphic designer who demands a fair print system for every client.

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