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Same Day Printing Service

Letterbox Distribution
$40 plus GST / 1000 flyers

Minimum flyers distribution requirement is 1000. Amounts lower than 1000 will be still charged as a 1000 quantity.

Placed into letterbox's, not on footpaths
Collated and not rolled

Contact us to place your order.

PrinTrix distributes to 30,434 households and growing

Size Limits
No heavier than 50g
No longer than DL
No wider than A5
No thicker than 5mm
Rectangular in shape
No wider than A5

Flyers larger than DL and A5 need to be supplied folded to A5 or DL size.

Payment is Required Prior to Distribution
We accept the following payment methods:
  • Credit cards (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Cash
  • Direct deposit
  • Cheques - If paying by cheque, it will need to clear prior to starting

We deliver to every household in residential & Built-up areas except which fall into the following categories:
  • The residence displays "No Unaddressed Mail" or similar signage
  • The residence is obviously not occupied
  • There is far too much material in the letterbox to fit any more
  • There are obstacles around the letterbox which makes it dangerous for the distributor
  • Unrestrained dogs that cause safety concerns
No Distribution During Rainy Days

How much notice do you need to give us?
  • Flyers must be received the Wednesday prior to the week of distribution.
  • We are continously organising, printing and collating so we need a few days notice of your intentions.
  • If you are supplying flyers with dates, you need to allow additional times.

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