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Letterbox Distribution
Getting Results


Your business can successfully reach out to potentially 10's of thousand of new clients and exciting sources of revenue.

Before you get to excited you'll need to ask yourself what are you trying to achieve by distributing your flyers to thousands of households. Are you trying to:

  • Introduce or improve your brand awareness
  • Advertise your products or services
  • Obtain new customers
  • Increase your current market share
We distribute through the streets of Ipswich every day, we get greeted and speak to many people and get chased by the occassional dog. It is realistic to say that you can achieve a good response, however you need to consider a response rate that is achievable.

PrinTrix distributes to 30,434 households and growing

Design / Presentation Is it easy to read and can the reader quickly establish a connection with your mail out? Everyone has different tastes when it comes to design and you should stick the basics of keeping it easy to read, use of images and colour and use a good quality paper.

Content People will be interested in your business if you are improving their life or lifestyle, saving them money or helping them out with a service they can use.

Obviously if your price is too high or too low, your response rate will be low. Emphasis should be put on the benefits of them using your services or buying your products, grab their attention and then discuss the price.

Relevance Be specific about your product or service, make it clear. Who should they phone and what they should ask for. What website should they go to for more information. Make it easy for people.

Frequency Letterbox distribution is like putting your flyer directly in peoples hands. Your flyer gets put in to the letterbox, somebody has to take it out and they look through what is in there. Unlike newspapers where you have to compete with editorial, distracting photos and other advertisements. Newspapers recommend running your advertisement for 6 months, we say you should be able to get measurable results from one mail-out.

Suburb Selection You'll need to analyze where your potential customers are. There are old and newly built suburbs, more condensed to larger house lots, families sizes, etc. We can help you find your target market and which areas are best for you.

Your Response You should handle any response professionally and follow up phone calls and emails. The advertised phone and email should be correct and answered.

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