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Full Colour Promotional Magnets
Real .6mm Magnet Thickness
Qty2505001000 2000
47mm x 47mm$106.59$171.03$237.53$319.88
* 53mm x 86mm$153.05$215.35$348.40$492.01
47mm x 72mm$137.22$207.99$332.54$483.56
49mm x 97mm$165.74$253.37$437.09$580.70
47mm x 122mm$173.14$263.93$449.76$736.99
47mm x 147mm$213.24$325.16$525.81$883.73
72mm 97mm$209.05$318.83$516.30$843.63
72mm x 147mm$287.18$416.01$638.74$1017.84
97mm x 97mm$263.93$405.44$617.67$974.53
97mm x 122mm$307.25$455.04$698.97$1040.02
97mm x 147mm$323.05$494.13$758.07$1153.01
Listed prices include GST and design time. Delivery costs not included - Upload Your Order
Full Colour Large Promotional Magnets
Calendars, Signage, Bumper Magnets, Whiteboards, etc
0.6mm Large Promotional Magnets
Ideal gifts for your client and a great reason for them to keep
Calendars, Signage, Bumper Magnets, Whiteboards

90mm x 150mm$418.12$559.56$810.89--
97mm x 210mm$468.78$712.69$1119.19--
147mm x 210mm$561.69$937.60$1539.44--
Listed prices include GST and design time. Delivery costs not included - Upload Your Order

Unlike other promotional products that may get lost, or disappear, magnets generally stay where they are put for years - giving you exposure everyday.

Great for many metal surfaces from filing cabinets, fridges, tool boxes and more.
We at PrinTrix make our own thick 0.6mm printed promotional magnets. We only offer square, rectangle and round cornered promotional magnets.

Turn Around Time - 3 to 9 days after proof approval
Artwork - Free design time, information supplied by customer
Supplied Artwork - Print ready PDF with fonts outlined or supplied

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