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Full ColourSticker Printing

An added bonus for any marketing, advertising or branding project. Great for promotional give-aways, packaging and many other applications.

Great choices for indoor and outdoor usage.

Sticker Printing Ipswich

Vinyl - PVC - Paper Stickers
Outdoor & Indoor Stickers & Labels
Qty 250 500 1000
Business Card Stickers$109.76$155.17$199.54---

Vinyl - PVC - Paper Stickers
Mixed Sizes
Qty 50100250500
50mm x 50mm$26.35$34.80$72.82$119.26--
50mm x 75mm$30.57$50.64$105.54$162.58--
50mm x 100mm$42.18$68.60$141.45$179.47--
50mm x 150mm$62.26$89.73$175.25$254.43--
50mm x 200mm$81.28$112.92$179.47$301.96--
50mm x 250mm$102.40$130.89$233.31$352.63--
50mm x 300mm$106.59$149.89$270.28$399.10--
50mm x 350mm$121.38$171.03$279.77$437.09--
75mm x 75mm$47.48$78.10$129.83$202.72--
75mm x 100mm$62.26$86.57$176.30$253.37--
75mm x 150mm$95.01$133.00$212.18$320.94--
75mm x 200mm$108.70$153.05$277.67$407.55--
75mm x 250mm$130.89$180.53$292.45$457.15--
75mm x 300mm$142.50$199.54$327.27$465.61--
75mm x 350mm$149.89$219.57$352.63$505.74--
100mm x 100mm$82.34$113.98$181.59$306.18--
100mm x 150mm$112.92$157.29$285.06$412.83--
100mm x 200mm$121.38$161.52$304.08$482.50--
100mm x 250mm$145.67$194.27$332.54$526.86--
100mm x 300mm$175.25$232.24$399.10$631.40--
100mm x 350mm$180.53$239.64$428.64$842.58--
150mm x 150mm$152.01$202.72$347.34$550.07--
150mm x 200mm$178.41$237.53$402.27$664.10--
150mm x 250mm$194.27$279.77$450.81$902.74--
150mm x 300mm$209.05$301.96$537.39$971.36--
150mm x 350mm$252.31$351.57$631.40$1106.53--
200mm x 200mm$226.96$327.27$526.86$1017.84--
200mm x 250mm$280.84$354.74$702.13$1218.46--
200mm x 300mm$285.06$399.10$789.76$1371.55--
200mm x 350mm$372.69$558.51$1097.01$2062.11--
210mm x 297mm$326.20$437.09$902.74$1582.71--
297mm x 420mm$395.93$631.40$1371.55$2291.22--
320mm x 450mm$452.92$723.26$1567.96$2804.39--
Listed prices are final printing costs and include FREE design time. Delivery costs not included - Upload Your Order

Colours and Sides
Print on 1 side only in full colour. No metallic options available.
Print fifty or print two thousand. You decide. Get printing with PrinTrix.
Stock Type
UV Vinyl, PVC, Gloss & Matte paper sticker stock.
Time Frame
Standard job turnaround time of three to five [3 - 5] working days after approval of PDF artwork has been given.
Whilst we make every effort to deliver within this timeframe, there may be particular instances when delivery times are extended due to unforseen circumstances out of the control of PrinTrix.
PrinTrix delivers all over Australia to one location using the services of Australia Post. No delivery charges are included in any printing costs and all delivery charges are based on weight, size and location using standard and/or express services via Australia Post. All freight prices need to be added to the final cost of printing if delivery is required.
An additional fee may apply where an initial attempt to deliver a consignment fails and the product is returned to our premise for further processing and a subsequent delivery.
Supplying Artwork
Artwork must be supplied as a single or two page Press Ready PDF file with 3mm bleed if bleed to edge is required. For assistance with files please contact print@printrix.com.au. PrinTrix offers free design time with every print order if required.

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